Ujet electric Scooter

Advanced materials and technology

Innovative materials provide new levels of design and profound improvement of characteristics

We locate and leverage yet unexploited trends that are critical to dominate e-mobility race

Use of innovative composite and nano-augmented materials to provide a new level of design freedom and significantly improve vehicle characteristics: range, energy efficiency, safety, manufacturing costs.

The industry notices our breakthrough design and engineering

As we leverage our world-class expertise, breakthrough nanomaterials and in this manner, we bring completely new properties, forms and design freedom to product development.

Our approach that starts from material science brings us countless praise from industry and innovation experts.

Ujet at CES - The global stage for innovation

Use of advanced nano-augmented materials

UJET is the first consumer product to feature tires augmented with carbon nanotubes to deliver up to 30% better-wet grip while being the lightest on the market

Exclusive rights to use graphene nanotubes in composites and batteries for two- and three-wheelers.

We have secured a 6-year partnership with a 3-year exclusivity term with OCSiAl – a leading European advance material developer – to access the latest innovations in product-defining technologies:

2020: Composite Thermoplastic frame

  • Improved mechanical reliability and design freedom (outperform magnesium in strength)
  • 20% reduction in manufacturing costs due to lower tooling requirements
  • 20-25% reduction in weight

2021: First Si-anode battery cells in automotive

  • 11-12% of additional range or weight reduction through the use of TUBALL graphene nanotubes in the anode
  • Use of graphene nanotubes in cathode as an electrically a conductive additive enables an incremental increase in energy density to conventional battery tech

A healthy pipeline of further technology upgrades


Anti-static textile

  • Stage: Prototyping.
  • Benefit: Comfort.

Thermosetting polymers for improved interlaminar shear performance

  • Stage: Material ready, prototyping.
  • Benefit: Weight reduction. Safety.

Flexible grip heaters with conductive coatings

  • Stage: Material development.
  • Benefit: Comfort.

Light grey but conductive primer for low-cost industrial-scale paint jobs

  • Stage: Industrial testing.
  • Benefit: Quality. Cost reduction.


Flexible volumetric sensors for foam polymers

  • Stage: Conceptual development.
  • Benefit: New IoT capabilities. Comfort.

Energy-dissipating insert with thermoplastic foam

  • Stage: Material development.
  • Benefit: Weight and volume reduction. Safety.

We have formed a substantial IP-package that protects both our currently available products and those that will be developed in the future.

  • 5 Trademarks registered in multiple categories in over 100 countries
  • 60+ Patents and patent applications in EU, CN, RU, US, SG, and other countries
  • 2 Utility models registered in DE an CN
  • 9 Protected designs in EU, CN, RU, US, SG, and other countries