Prolific Profile of Amos Fricke

Prolific Profile of Amos Fricke

Discovering the man behind the lens of Amos Fricke Studio

Amos Fricke runs one of the most sought-after imagery studios in the world with a keen eye for aesthetics. His focus on pursuing the ultimate aesthetics in imagery has lead him to work with some of the world’s leading brands. Interested in technology and future of mobility, Amos Fricke himself is a fan of electric vehicles and commutes with an electric pedal bike.

Lancia Stratos Zero by Studio Amos Fricke

After studying visual communication at the University of Arts in Berlin, he realized that he liked the virtue and power of images. He always strives to push visual language forward in order to shape tomorrow.

Mykita Mylon by Studio Amos Fricke

Every project he treats receives ultimate attention; no matter the brand or company behind it. Whether it is a little known product or a world leading brand; every single shoot is treated with the same attention to detail. This chemistry between the products and the style of Amos Fricke leads to some of the finest imagery out there; trusted by brands like Nike, Ferrari, Adidas, Rolls-Royce and more.

Pinasse by Studio Amos Fricke