LG’S TV Knocks Tech Flexibility Out of The Park

LG’S TV Knocks Tech Flexibility Out of The Park

A TV that rolls up and down like a poster, courtesy of LG.

In the future, your TV might come rolled up just like a poster. After making the world’s first 88” 8K OLED TV, LG Display decided that it wasn’t stunning enough; so they made the world’s first rollable 65” 4K OLED display. We’ve seen bendy tech before but nothing has come close to what this TV is capable of.

Close up of the rollable display

The purpose of the TV is to make it portable and packable into a sound bar-like sized box. Being a concept, the box is not certainly the sleekest but we can only imagine how slimmed down the production version of the display will be like. One of the most impressive features is the ability to use the display without rolling it out completely. This makes it easy for you to set up the display at any aspect ratio, especially to remove letterboxes during an ultra-widescreen movie. After the TV is turned off, you can just roll it down and avoid a big black box sitting in the middle of your room. The box can also house the power supply, speakers and input ports.

Ultra-wide display mode

It’s interesting to see how tech is slowly evolving to become as practical and space-efficient as possible. Furniture has began transforming into modular building blocks that can adapt to any circumstance like the last NASA x IKEA Rumtid collection. Even transportation is beginning to adapt to the increase of traffic and decrease of space which is why the Ujet Scooter can fold down to be easily transported.

Fully rolled up in 16:9 mode