Museum Garage, Eclectic Facades Make One

Museum Garage, Eclectic Facades Make One

A unique multi-faced building located in one of Miami's booming districts.

Located in the Miami Design District, the Museum Garage took five different architecture studios and brought them together to create one of the most unique parking spaces in the world. Designed and engineered by Tim Haahs and managed by Javier Sánchez, the building combines many different facades into one eclectic explosion of colors, shapes and textures.

Headed by Craig Robins who commissioned Riley of Keenen/Riley to create a unique face for the building in order to make it stand out. In turn, Riley joined five international studios in one shared space; WORKac, Clavel Arquitectos, J Mayer H, Nicolas Buffe and K/R itself. Inspired by the French game Cadavre Exquis which sees different artists designing a continuation of the other artist’s work without knowing what they have made. This leads to a very unique building that doesn’t match in every corner yet seems to have a natural flow along all of its facades. Each of the artists were given their space and absolute freedom in creativity which has lead to the incredible diversity of the building.

J Mayer H Facade
WORKac Facade

Berlin based J Mayer H created the XOX facade, covering a corner and features a giant interlocking design. Resembling puzzle pieces, different structures covered in blue and red stripes intertwine with each other in a playful game of architectural affection.

WORKac of New York created the pink exterior with open spaces and curved areas resembling an ant farm as well as allowing natural light to flow in through the windows into the building’s interior. One of the most stunning facades is the one by Spanish based Clavel Arquitectos, a 45 metallic car grid attached to the wall in an attempt to revive the flat structure and discarded space.

Nicolas Buffe Facade
K/R Facade

K/R designed the Barricade facade, a stripey orange and white patterned portion that brings traffic barriers to the building. Built from concrete and stainless steel, the structure stands proudly. in front of the Institute of Contemporary Art.

On the other side, French artist Nicolas Buffe borrowed Japanese motifs from anime to cover the facade in black and white illustrations running along gate 41st street. Numerous laser-cut images in metal and fibre-resin plastic depict gargoyles, caryatids, elephants covering the facade. They sit atop four 23-foot-tall sculptures that reminisce Greek Revival buildings.

Snuck between is the Urban Jam, a grid of 45 cars painted in gold and silver covers the facade. Designed by Spanish Clavel Arquitectos, their work is a reinforcement of the revival of urban culture in Miami; the use of old spaces and items for new purposes.

Public spaces of the garage include a library, art space, playground and garden. It has a capacity of storing 800 vehicles and it offers an interesting take on such a utilitarian building such as a parking lot. While others imagine them to be simply bricks of concrete, this one explores all possible directions of architecture and then throws them together in a playful game of creativity.

Clavel Arquitectos Facade