SPACE10 - A Future Living Lab by IKEA

A thinktank for the future of urban living by IKEA.

Dubbed the SPACE10, IKEA created a future-living lab to take a further peek into what awaits us in terms of co-living. To launch their idea, SPACE10 paired up with One Shared House 2030, a research project that is looking to get insights on the future of sharing living spaces.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen’s meat district; Space 10 is both a research hub and exhibition space ran by Rebel Agency. The objective is to explore and design business models for the future in an innovative and responsible way. It all started as a 1,000 meter square lobster tank and then turned into one of the world’s leading innovation labs. Ever since its launch in 2015, many fresh ideas have come out of the thinktank.

SPACE10 - Future Living Lab

One of the highlights is the 3D printed meatball. Like the true Swedes they are, IKEA considers the meatball a food staple. As demand for meat is on the rise, farming the animals for their meat has a huge impact on global warming. “Tomorrow's Meatball” is an experimental approach to food production that sees lab-grown meat, algae harvesting and quite surprisingly, 3D food printing. Alternative ingredients will be put together to essentially print a meatball that matches all the nutritious and aesthetic requirements of the consumer.

3D Printed Meatball

Other significant works include urban farming, the creation of a hydroponic farms in basements that will be able to grow their own fresh vegetables and more. Office in motion is a workplace solution that uses a pivoting desk to have people move around the office more to catch sunlight, avoid prolonged screen exposure and increase interaction with colleagues. They have also come up with air-improving windows by using Co2 sensors that open the windows when the indoor air is stale and closes them when the outdoor air is too polluted.

In just a few years, SPACE10’s Future Living Lab by IKEA has pumped out significant ideas that might shape our future living facilities. These ideas might seem small but change always starts by the smallest steps and IKEA is making sure we are taking them in the right direction.

SPACE10 Indoor Gardensa