Digital Art Museum Opens in Tokyo

Digital Art Museum Opens in Tokyo

Tokyo opens the doors to its digital art museum

For the first time, Tokyo opens the doors to its digital art museum that allows users to explore art, computer science, technology, images and design that are generated by 520 computers and 470 projectors. All 50 interactive displays are open to public viewing and they’re interlaced in a “borderless” experience to allow smooth transitioning between the spaces. Created by Mori Building and TeamLab, the museum allows viewers to touch and interact with the art.

The museum is organized in five connected zones, all of which have special and unique displays and interactions. The first one is called
“Borderless World” and it’s an interactive digital landscape where visitors
can create their own path. Walking through digital waterfalls,
luminescent birds that you can touch and stroll along computer generated forests and fields are just some of the activities in the “Borderless World”.

The “Athletics Forest” aims to simulate people's brains to improve spatial recognition.

The “Athletics Forest” is one created to get people moving as well as simulate their brains to improve spatial recognition. Visitors can bounce on trampolines through galaxy simulations, balance on hanging boards accompanied by colorful lights as well as climbing flashing poles. “Future Park” is the space dedicated to children where they can interact with art through games and activities. An aquarium is filled with digital fish created by the kids and a wall is made sensitive to the touch, allowing kids to play music simply by touching the wall. Each of the activities aims to expand and develop imagination and scientific comprehension in children.

“Forest of Lamps” is a sea of lights and colorful lamps spreading light upon touching them.

Just next to the “Future Park” sits the “Forest of Lamps” where visitors are placed in a sea of lights and colorful lamps that spread light upon touching them. The last experience is the “En Tea House” where visitors can enjoy green tea while augmented reality technology projects blooming flowers in their cups. The object is to allow visitors to socialize with one another.

Enjoying green tea via augmented reality technology projects.

Entering the museum costs only 2,400 Japanese Yen (18 EUR) to enter which is a reasonable price for the engulfing experience you get. All spaces are permanently set but the nature of the digital art will be refreshed.