Snarkitecture Interactive “Fun House” at the National Building Museum

An interactive architectural play on the elements, senses and color perceptions.

Snarkitecture is well known for their unique work that is often eccentric. Now they are bringing their creations into an interactive space in the National Building Museum. Led by Daniel Arsham, Ben Porto, and Alex Mustonen, “Fun House” features numerous installations, a series of interactive rooms and well-known signature environments of Snarkitecture. The center of the exhibition is a Snarkitecture designed house, an independent element that reminisces images of a traditional home. Walking through the structure, visitors can discover the studio’s decade-long story and its unique way of creating, imagining and structuring environments.

In the museum’s west court, you can find a custom typographic recreation
of the famed “A Memorial Bowing” that spells out ‘Fun House’. As you
exit towards the backyard, the ‘playhouse’ helps you experience the
diminishing of scale as you walk through it. A kidney-shaped pool is
filled with hundreds of thousands of recyclable plastic balls. This
installation is quite similar to their ‘The Beach’ installation that
they presented back in 2015.

Curated by Maria Cristina Didero, the show is an exhibition of the studio’s capabilities as well as giving people the chance to explore and interact with the eccentric work of Snarkitecture. Intrigued by the way they interpret environments, Maria said that their works manage to turn extraordinary into the ordinary; such as taking a pool and filling it with plastic balls, creating a home reminiscent structure that diminishes in scale and more. The goal of the display is to make architecture accessible and in this case, interactive.