O-Wind - Clean Energy from Urban Spaces

A simple design that allows everyone to generate clean energy, the O-Wind Turbine.

When we think about wind turbines, we immediately imagine the huge triple-bladed ones located in wide open countrysides. However, it doesn’t always have to be like this.
One of the main issues of conventional turbines is that they work by capturing unidirectional wind that is mostly found in wide open spaces. In cities, the tall buildings interrupt the flow of wind making it spread in all directions. The O-Wind turbine manages to capture wind running in all directions thanks to the unique vented surface that pivots around the center to make the sphere rotate around its own axis.

O-Wind designers Nicolas Orellana and Yaseen Noorani say that the product is perfect for people living in cities looking to generate their own electricity in a simple way. The device can be put up in an apartment balcony exposed to wind to generate power. First imagined as a rover capable of moving in a straight line from multidirectional winds, the design was then repurposed to become the O-Wind. This intelligent solution will allow every apartment or house owner to install his own source of renewable energy without gigantic charges. Such solutions are small steps that need to be taken to fully make use of all the energy going to waste around us, especially urban cities. Gumshoe that we have previously covered took one of the largest urban wastes in Amsterdam; chewing gum and repurposed it into a sneaker sole. Small steps bring big changes.