Gumshoe, the first shoe made from chewing gum

A shoe built out of a leading urban littering element, bubblegum.

Each year, more than 1.5 million kilograms of gum end up on the streets of Amsterdam. This puts chewing gum just below cigarettes as a littering problem. Scraping up the leftover gum, Gumdrop recycles the litter into a special type of rubber that is then used as the sole of their shoes. By breaking down the properties of chewing gum, they discovered it is made out of synthetic rubber which is then used to create a new type of rubber. Named Gum-Tec, the compounds of the gum are formed as granules which are then molded into the sole of the shoe. The sole of the shoe also has a map of Amsterdam. While the bottom part is made of gum, the rest of the shoe is made out of leather for a sturdy construction. Customers will soon be able to replace their soles for a fee, further contributing to the recycling process.

Gumdrop sets an example for all the companies that are looking for eco-friendly solutions, taking materials that are not only discarded but are looked upon as trash and making a desirable product out of it. More than often, sustainable products are hiding behind the obvious and quite often behind the obvious.