Hello, World!

Introducing our magazine.
It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
Albert Einstein

Are you interested in design, mobility, technology and sustainability? One that does not sacrifice design, aesthetics or functionality simply for the sake of being earth friendly.

With technology going places we thought were impossible, it seems like we need to step back and evaluate this evolutionary rush. Solutions that were thought impossible before are now implemented in every household. Although technology provides solutions many of us forget about their impact and often more than not; their design. I believe that everything should be pleasant to look, use and especially long-lasting. We all love aesthetics; don’t we?

Our lives are now taking place in urban environments. Populations are becoming more dense and so is the traffic. Pollution levels are on the rise because of the increasing demand for energy. By using sustainable technology, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint in the world. Technology is now working to undo the damages done by technology before it, a constant seek for perfection that seems to be closer and closer each step, each year. We will be delving into urban life as it rapidly advances, discovering how technology can not only improve our lives but also make a positive impact on the planet as a whole.

Why are we really writing these articles? Is it to show you the best design, beautiful architecture, contemporary fashion or technological developments? In fact, it is about uniting all of us who believe in good design together. To discover the best the world has to offer and to offer the world the best we have to give. Taking our first step in these stories where we hope to create a destination for all aesthetes to unite.

Hello, World!