Highlighting This Year's Salone del Mobile

Highlighting This Year's Salone del Mobile

A curated selection of the best installations in the Salone del Mobile 2018.

The Salone del Mobile in Milan is the gathering place for some of the best design brands, independent designers and artists to show off their pieces. While the concept is simple, creating furniture, decor and more for interior spaces; the pieces usually shown in the event are far more complicated than that. From elegant lighting moods to colorful fabrics and pieces, this year’s Salone del Mobile was a real thrill.

Swarowski Palazzo

Swarowski has been blending art, design, architecture and jewelry ever since its conception. Unveiling their Palazzo at the Salone del Mobile, Swarowski brings designer jewelry to your home. For years, designers have created fine pieces of jewelry for the brand who now decided to bring accessory fashion to homes. The installation and display included jewelry designs by Peter Pilotto, Mary Katrantzou and Jason Wu to its home pieces by Toord Boontje, Patricia Urquiola and Nendo.

Digital Chaiselongue

The chaise is the go-to furniture when it comes to lounging comfortably. Paired up with Incremental3d, designer Philipp Aduatz created the Digital Chaiselongue. This 3-D printed furniture is printed out concrete in thin layers until it starts to gain its elegant shape. Despite using rough materials for construction, the smooth lines and design make it a comfortable, stylish lounging chair.

Snarkitecture for Caesarstone

The Palazzo dell’Ufficio Elettorale di Porta Romana has never before been open to the public for the Milan Design Week. For the first time in 14 years, the space was opened and Snarkitechture focused on water and all its states. The kitchen hub plays around water’s states; ice, liquid and steam. All of the display focuses on the kitchen island, turning it into the hub of the home.

Open Sky

Challenged to make passersby stop and look while in the Salone del Mobile, California-based Philipp K. Smith III in a collaboration with COS created a reflective sculpture that is inspired by the Palazzo Isimbardi. Open Sky is made out of stainless steel sheets that are laid out in an arc formation, reflecting the sky into the courtyard. The reflective pieces have a nearly extraterrestrial look to them and made for an awesome snap taking spot.

Hermès Maison

The French Hermès Maison brought an unexpected amount of colorful blocks into the Salone del Mobile. The color don’t stop in the blocks though; textiles, wallpapers, tabletops and furniture are all a colorful play of design. To create the space, 150,000 zeolite tiles were imported from Morocco, taking an impressive 3 weeks to put together.