Forêt Blanche by Stefano Boeri - Vertical Gardens Come to Paris

Forêt Blanche by Stefano Boeri - Vertical Gardens Come to Paris

The Forêt Blanche will be a towering 54m vertical garden located in Villiers sur Marne, Paris.

Designed by Stefano Boeri Architetti, the Forêt Blanche (White Forest) will be the first Vertical Forest in France. Located in the eastern part of Paris in the town of Villiers sur Marne, the tower will be 54 meters high, comprised entirely of wooden structures. The Parisian building will join the studio's lineup of Vertical Foresting .

Participating into the “Inventons la Métropole du Grand Paris”, one of the biggest competitions for urban development in Paris; the Forêt Blanche breaks the conventions of green architecture. What was once a simple decoration, now turns into a vital element of the building itself. Climate change can be fought in different frontiers and Stefano Boeri Architetti brought it into architecture. This new generation of buildings and designs aims to create a more natural urban environment, one that leans towards nature more than ever.

54 meters high and comprised entirely of wooden structures

The Forêt Blanche is not all show and no tell by any means. The high floors will host residential apartments; incorporating a greener life amidst the urban jungle of Paris. Down below, offices and commercial services. All four sides of the tower will have terraces and balconies and both east and west facing sides will have sunlight all day. Natural lighting, ventilation and the landscape of Central Paris sounds a bit like the perfect apartment. Let’s not forget that the tower will be covered by 2000 trees, plants and shrubs that are equivalent to one hectare of forest surface. The greenery sums up to 10 times the surface area of the lot on which the building is built on.

Breaking the conventions of green architecture
Incorporating a greener life amidst the urban jungle of Paris

We think that incorporating such ecological solutions on buildings can lead to a better future. Take in consideration that Paris has 1.3 million residences; if all of them followed the principle of Forêt Blanche, we would have 13 million hectares of greenery inside the City of Love.