IKEA Teams Up with NASA for RUMTID Collection

IKEA Teams Up with NASA for RUMTID Collection

A small urban home collection based on space living,

The Swedish furniture giant continues its streak of surprising collaborations by teaming up with NASA to release a collection aimed at small urban living spaces.

Teasing the RUMTID Collection in 2017, IKEA sent a team to the NASA Mars Desert Research Station to get a better understanding of the requirements and needs of future urban living which is most likely going to be as small as it gets. This research also draws input from years of experience of spacemen living in small spaces, out out space.

IKEA RUMTID Air Purifier Concepts
IKEA RUMTID Air Purifying Textile

The team then flied to Tokyo, spending time in capsule hotels to get a hands-on experience with the needs of small space living. Using inspiration from extraterrestrial living spaces and usable information from capsule hotels, the team came up with an inspiring, modular collection. Two of the highlights of the indoor gardens and a high tech material made out of veneer. This flexible material is built using a sustainable process that leaves almost no waste behind.

Tubes are the vital part of the collection and they allow limitless construction possibilities. Cutting them and clamping them together in different ways means that you can create a bed, a wardrobe or a sofa. Creativity is key here. IKEA is also working on air purifying and cleaning products. New designs include air purifiers and even textiles that clean the air. Contributing to this sustainable approach is also their new designs for small indoor gardens.

Small interior garden concept
Modular veneer tubing to build your own furniture