Street Style and Trends in London Fashion Week Men's

Street Style and Trends in London Fashion Week Men's

What were the London catwalks filled with this year? Loads of creativity.

Summer tendencies of fashion are hitting the catwalks in London, bringing out classic and modern trends together with leather suits, football march and more.

The LFWM has always been considered as a playground for fresh designers out of schools to come out with their first collections. Thrown to the wolves, these designers have to overpromise and overdeliver in the eyes of haute couture critics populating the first rows. It took just a few shows to understand the main tendencies of this year’s FW.

Sportswear is here to stay

Before, catwalks were populated with fine tailored suits, occasional superbly crafted leather accessories paired with handcrafted Italian loafers. Now, the tables have turned. With the recent break-in of sportswear into high-fashion, we are used to the flocks of teenagers wearing flashy branded tees worth two months rent. This time was different. Sportswear seems to be undergoing a process of transformation. Now utility is priority and clean lines come right after it. No longer focused on prominent branding and oversaturated designs, sportswear hit the FW with neat designs that focus more on subtlety and functionality. The more pockets, the better.

Mathew Miller - Colorful, sleek utility

Colors, everywhere.

Bright, vivid colors were seen everywhere on the catwalks. Predominately yellow, the catwalks were filled with experimental clothing and art direction that was bathed in colorful hues. The yellow might be an opening letter to the sunny season as we saw it on shirts, leather bags, coats and even shoes.

Iceberg Spring/Summer - Eye popping red colors

Not only fabrics.

LFWM saw an increased number of unorthodox materials enter its catwalks. Samuel Ross of A-Cold-Wall* introduced construction-site fabrics, materials and designs in his newest collection. Having a unique take on sportswear, he mixes class, architecture and race into one. This year, his show was as immersive as it can be. Participators were offered protective goggles and breathing masks. Models promenaded in unzipped jogging pants, transparent plastic coats tied to sleeves, safety net shirts and more. After selling utility belt bags like hot cakes, A-Cold-Wall* is now experimenting with asymmetrical leather bags.

A-COLD-WALL*, Qasimi & John Lawrence Sullivan

Street Style

While the runways inside were populated by couture pieces, attendees outside venues were putting on a show of their own. Sportswear and utilitarian wear reigned champs again. The streets were filled with people rocking multiple layers, mixing different patterns and fabrics together for maximum style. One of the key points was fine tailoring mixed with streetwear staples. Snug fitting coats and jackets were layered with graphic hoodies, summer shirts, pleated pants and more. Bold prints also had a wide presence, combining different patterns for statement looks. Embroidery was present in jackets, pants and more; creating immense variety. Some even brought back 80s punk style by rocking net clothing.

Tailored leather paired with summer shirts. © CRIS FRAGKOU
Bold, statement patterns. © CRIS FRAGKOU
80s is back. © CRIS FRAGKOU
Tailored coats meet streetwear staples. © CRIS FRAGKOU