Ujet electric Scooter


Ujet is capable of performing a complete set of Industrialization activities

We perform the complete set of Industrialization activities

UJET is unique in going past functional prototyping phase – UJET also works on production of limited production series, manufacturing setup – tooling strategies, preparation of the production, the order of technological equipment, supply chain strategy, industrial processes design, and homologation.

Prototypes and small series production

• Production of pilot batches at UJET facilities
• Suitable suppliers' identification and quality control
• Purchasing of prototype components
• Test and CMM measurements at the component level
• Prototype vehicle assembly and testing
• Customized painting application

Manufacturing setup

• People skills mapping and training for new teams
• Production Control systems
• Shop Floor Support
• Tooling definition, sourcing, validation, and set-up
• Maintenance systems implementation
• Production Facilities improvements

Industrial process design

• Lean analysis and Value Stream Mapping
• Stations Layout Improvement
• Line Balancing
• Process/Time optimization
• Continuous Improvement

Supply chain strategy

• Sourcing strategy
• Supplier identification and evaluation
• Purchasing value stream definition
• Supply Chain optimization
• Contract management
• Stock management processes
• Transportation networks setup
• Customs processes implementation