Service Philosophy

Service Philosophy

Always have peace of mind when owning Ujet, thanks to our customer-focused after sales service!

With our motto "Never be satisfied. Always strive to improve", the Ujet Service Team continuously works to improve the customer experience.

The cutting edge technology used in every Ujet requires sufficient technical knowledge, tooling and resources to ensure optimum performance and to guarantee maximum reliability. The Ujet technicians receive continuous training to always ensure superior maintenance and service at all times.

With Ujet being a connected and smart vehicle, it will notify you of any potential errors through the scooter interface and mobile app. Use the app to see the details of any error and directly locate closest service points, contact the customer support, or troubleshoot the scooter using the user manual.

We developed proprietary tools to diagnose every Ujet, ensuring the technicians will always know what exactly happened to your electric scooter in case of a sensor alert. The Ujet eTool allows our support team diagnose your scooter online and understand any problem that may occur, wherever you are. The Ujet Diagnosis Tool enables authorised after-sales workshops to diagnose your Ujet at their premises and get in-depth understanding of a breakdown. Our global cooperation with a leading logistics partner ensures that in case of a faulty component, you will always receive the needed spare parts in the shortest time.

No matter what potential issue may arise, we will ensure you just keep moving forward!