Ujet electric Scooter

About us

We have an experienced engineering & management Team

Patrick David (CTO)

Industries: Automotive

Key competences: Engineering, R&D, Innovations, Production, Design

CEO of Ujet Engineering, the branch that leads all Ujet R&D operations from its head office in Germany (Ulm). CTO and VP at Ujet Group. Has 25 years of experience in Automotive with a vast range of management positions as Senior Engineer, Innovations Director, Plant Manager, CTO, and CEO. Patrick previously worked at Daimler Benz, Takata, TRW, Handtmann, EBM-Papst, Busse Design, etc. Has an engineering degree and an MBA.

Konstantin Notman (CIO)

Industries: Machining, Foundry, Chemicals, Composites, Power sources

Key competences: R&D, Innovations

Chief Innovation Officer and Board Member of Ujet Group and CEO of OCSiAl Europe - Senior VP of OCSiAl Group, the world leader in the production of graphene nanotubes. As Head of Innovation, he leads the development and launch of new products, accessories, and services for Ujet.

Marius Ferent (COO)

Industries: Automotive

Key competences: Operations, Engineering, Manufacturing

COO at Ujet Manufacturing in charge of Ujet purchasing, production, and logistics. VP of Operations at Ujet Group. Has extensive experience in Automotive and managed multiple large-scale programs with market-leading OEMs. Chartered Manager from CMI, London; MBA from the Open University, UK. Has a degree in automotive engineering from the Military Technical
Academy, Bucharest.

Kirill Nifontov (CEO)

Industries: Banking, Insurance

Key competences: General Management, Corporate Finance, M&A

Member of the Supervisory Boards of Expobank CZ a.s., Expobank JSC Belgrade, Expobank LLC, ExpoCapital, Expobank AS, and D2 Insurance. Joined Ujet to scale up the business and develop a strategy. An experienced CEO with 19 years of experience in Finance covering areas such as group business strategy, M&A, corporate finance, investment, and key client relationships.

We have a lean and flexible experimental and pilot facility


We have front-rank facilities in Europe

In-house 3000 m2 pilot/prototype assembly in Foetz, Luxemburg and engineering in Ulm, Germany. Moreover, our quality and efficiency are con-firmed by ISO 9001 certification.


Our operations are optimally organized

Full production cycle can be demonstrated at our experimental manufacturing site. We have a lean manufacturing system through centralized data processing and quality control management.


Hi-speed prototyping capabilities

We are capable to launch pilot production. We have an extensive experience in product homologation in multiple geographies, including EEA.