Ujet Electric Scooter

Ujet Electric Scooter

Unrivalled design for the unforgettable ride

Easy to ride, easy to fall in love


Easy to handle

Due to its ultra light weight, Ujet offers performance of a scooter, yet handles like a bicycle. You don't even need a special motorbike licence to ride it! Ujet's foldable frame and removable battery add to the ultimate convenience in everyday usage.


Always connected

Ujet is an extension of your cellphone. The connected scooter features a touchscreen with an infotainment system, and can be remotely controlled via the Ujet app.


Crafted with excellence

The Ujet is designed and engineered in Germany, and is manufactured in Luxembourg with the highest quality standards. The scooter's frame is produced featuring composite materials traditionally used in aerospace.

Test ride Ujet

Schedule a test ride in one of our 6 easily accessible locations and experience Ujet's advanced technology in action. On top of test driving, you will discover the meticulous engineering process behind Ujet's powerful high-tech scooter.

Make it yours

Customize Ujet to match your style. Tailored just for you.