Ujet electric Scooter

Industrial design

Disruptive, legacy-free design, permitted by innovative materials and e-mobility

Award-winning design that extends beyond the product itself

Ujet's design capabilities have been recognized by numerous design awards, including the renowned Red Dot and iF Awards.

Material science

UJET engineers proven world-class expertise in applying augmented materials that result in a fundamental change of properties, most daring forms and design solutions of various products.


UJET culminates the most talented and awarded designers, agencies and industry movers all run from our in-house project management team to allow for a unique yield of ideas.

Adding value through design

UJET is different. We consider that e-mobility products are not just a subject of pure function, but an important component of the customer’s personal image and a natural way for the user’s self-expression.

Equipment & accessories

Our proprietary design capability extends beyond the core product to a wide range of accessories, tailored to enhance the overall user experience.