Ujet electric Scooter


From new materials to homologated e-vehicle

Ujet is a platform for breakthrough e-mobility vehicles

UJET integrates together expert knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering, modern software and connectivity architectures to provide a full cycle solution of e-mobility product creation and deployment.

System engineering

UJET is capable to cover the complete product design cycle – from concept sketches, selection of materials, 3D models, and prototyping, extending to the integration with engineering systems and production orders.

Our products deliver the feel of a completed product, with fine aesthetics, driving experience, software system and companion apps developed by a joint team with a unified vision.

Mechanical engineering

• Integrated mechanical engineering, done in-house.
• Bio-inspired structural design.
• We are experts in internal material and structure displacement, stress and strain modelling.

Electrical and electronic engineering

UJET integrates the development of on-board electronic architecture, from software algorithms to PCB design. UJET has a power drive platform, complete with in-wheel induction motor, motor control unit and battery management system.

Our custom battery pack and BMS designs allow delivering well thought balance between power capacity and power capability and advanced features like energy recuperation in a very compact form.

Software engineering

UJET owns a platform of customizable ECUs and firmware that deliver car-level performance to the two-wheeler world, control driving and onboard IoT sensors over CAN bus and Automotive Ethernet.

Ujet is the second to have brought over-the-air updates into the automotive world and the first one in the two-wheeler market. UJET’s infotainment system competes against best-in-class solutions of car manufacturers in delivering unprecedented functionality for two-wheelers and outdoor usage.