High tech connected electric scooter | Ujet

Ujet Electric Scooter

Stylish, connected and easy to use

Unique Style

Ujet sets new standards in scooter design. Its unique look comes from a first-ever mass-produced orbital wheel and an asymmetrical frame. The result? A stylish scooter that is incredibly lightweight yet robust.

Easy to Charge

Select from one of two battery sizes with an estimated range of up to 75 km or 150 km*. Simply charge your Ujet from any standard socket and you'll be ready to ride in 3 or 6 hours.

Ujet's smart battery is safe, connected, removable and rollable. Take it anywhere, use it as a powerbank for your devices, and enjoy your favorite tunes via integrated wireless speakers.

up to
150 km

Easy to Handle

Ujet’s light and robust frame is made from advanced composite materials traditionally used in aerospace. Weighing from 49 kg, no other scooter lets you ride so easily.

49 kg

Easy to Store

With Ujet, you'll never need to worry about finding parking again! The scooter folds comfortably in seconds, and can be stored easily in your home, office or car trunk. Ujet is conveniently small, wherever you are!

A Connected Experience

Ujet features a 7" touchscreen with a world-class user interface. It gives an easy access to GPS navigation, music playback, telephony and even an integrated camera to capture the best moments of your rides.

Always stay connected to your Ujet with a dedicated iOS and Android app. It allows you to lock and unlock the scooter, track its location, and share Ujet with your friends and family. The app also monitors scooter's performance and notifies of any potential alerts.

30+ sensors

Safe and Enjoyable Ride


Unique Suspension

Experience a smooth and safe ride, thanks to Ujet's torsion suspension system and large diameter lightweight brakes.


Powerful Motor

Reach the top speed in a matter of seconds with the in-wheel 3kW electric motor offering instant torque of up to 80 Nm.


Nano-Augmented Tires

Never lose traction, and get increased grip thanks to the world’s first nano-augmented tire. Developed specifically for Ujet, it's the lightest in its class.

Make it Yours

Customise Ujet to fit your style. Choose between 6 refined color options and 2 seat heights to ensure that the Ujet always feels like it is made for you.

Schedule a test ride and experience its complete power.

Robust lightweight advanced alloy and carbon fibre construction. Motorised orbital wheels. Nano-augmented tires for an enhanced grip. Powerful always-connected software integrated with your smartphone. Energy recuperation braking. Foldable in seconds. Detachable battery chargeable with any regular 220V outlet.

Experience Ujet's driving performance and advanced technology yourself.

* The exact range may vary depending on multiple factors, including driving style, the driver's weight, climatic conditions (air temperature, wind, humidity), the terrain, the road surface and the intensity of using the brake energy recuperation system. The range was tested on an industrial test bench, with a simulated rider weight of 50kg and 120kg respectively, and an average riding speed of 25km/h and 30km/h.